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The Tweeter in Chief says 3-5 million fraudulent votes were cast in the 2016 election, and all of them went to Hillary Clinton. Remember? Trump offered no evidence because he didn’t have any. We know this because his very own Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity didn’t report any fraud.

The Commission apparently wanted to go on a fishing expedition, asking all the states for personal information and voting records on everyone who voted in the 2016 election that they would, one presumes, try to match with something else to find out if they were citizens, or perhaps that they voted twice. That data gathering exercise quickly got bogged down in lawsuits because the states in general don’t want the federal government spying on their citizens. The Commission nevertheless did get some data but they never did anything with it.

Trump in an attempt to cast the blame elsewhere blamed Democratic state officials for the demise of his commission, ones like Republican Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina and Mississippi Republican Secretary of States Hosemann. So rather than wrestling the issue to the ground, whether or not massive voter fraud was happening in the country, Trump ran away, said he didn’t want to spend money defending lawsuits, and blamed the Democrats for not breaking state laws to give the commission data.

So Trump dissolved his own commission, it having made no findings whatever, and whatever data it collected is going to be destroyed.

What an awful president we have. Shameful.

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