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Most folks were completely shocked when Donald Trump made a major reshuffle of the National Security Council in January, adding his chief political strategist Steve Bannon and dropping the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security advisor. People wondered what President Trump was doing.

Apparently President Trump didn’t know what he was doing, according to a February article in the New York Times: “Report: Trump not fully briefed on exec order that gave Bannon seat at NSC meetings.” Trump didn’t know what he was signing. But it gets worse. Not only didn’t President Trump know what he was signing, no one else did either. The demotion of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the National Security Advisor was not intentional, according to the White House. It was all a mistake because somebody cut and pasted text from a George W. Bush order and left them out.

OK, so why would they wait 2 months to fix a typo? Where’s my picture of the clown car?

As for Steve Bannon’s removal from the Council, the Administration says that his original placement was not a mistake, but rather that Bannon was put on the Council to “de-operationalize” it [what the heck does that mean?], and now that has been completed.