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So Donald Trump had a press conference yesterday, something unlike any other presidential press conference in memory. In it, Trump described his administration as a “fine-tuned machine.”

My first reaction to this insane remark was that perhaps the machine was a clown car.

Trump Clown Car2

In just a short time, Trump’s national security advisor was forced to resign, his spokesperson has been cited for ethical violations. Trump’s number 2 pick for national security advisor won’t take the job. His nomination for labor secretary withdrew after it became clear that he couldn’t even be confirmed by a Republican Senate. Add to that his Immigration Ban ineptly rolled out, and then blocked by the courts.

Trump has picked fights with the President of Mexico, China, the intelligence community and the Press. He has undermined NATO. Is there anything the Trump administration has done well besides dividing the country and sparking protests? Somebody will have to tell me what that is.

He tweets that his low poll numbers are “fake news.” And why did he have to mention Hillary Clinton a dozen times in a presidential news conference, or the (incorrect) number of electoral votes he got? The election is over already!  The Trump administration is more like a bad TV reality show, one headed for cancellation before the end of the first season.

For more on Trump’s decaying mental state, see this article from NPR: “With ‘Fake News,” Trump Moves from Alternative Facts to Alternative Language.