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I am dismayed by the budget proposal from President Trump because it is an attack on what makes America really great. A country is not only great because of a big army, winning wars, and being rich. A country is great when its people are happy and fulfilled. It is great when they are free and informed. It is great when they have a path to a better future.

The Trump budget cuts funds for Public Radio and Television. These produce some of the most balanced and in-depth news reporting we have available to us. NPR and PBS programming bring culture and arts to Americans.

The Trump budget eliminates the AmeriCorps program. I personally work with AmeriCorps volunteers through Habitat for Humanity of Greenville. The provide important assistance, and are growing in leadership skills in construction (2) and family services (1). At least three of the full-time staff at Greenville Habitat are former AmeriCorps volunteers. The AmeriCorps program turns out first class citizens, who also help our communities.

Trump’s budget cuts the National Institute for Health and disease research. How could that ever be good?

Trump’s budget slashes federal funding for the arts and humanities. What country could be great without arts and humanities? Should we turn into boorish louts like our President?

I am dismayed that the right-wing crazies are setting climate policy, and that the United States is unilaterally deciding to put its head in the sand and ignore global warming and sea rise. What is so ironic is that the new green energy industry had tremendous potential to create well-paying jobs and keep the United States in the forefront of technology. The Trump budget decimates the very thing that is and will make America strong and prosperous. The Chinese are racing ahead of is in this area. Germany has set a date after which no gasoline vehicles will be made there. And we’re cutting funding for green energy, and re-examining CAFE standards.

I feel like the Trump budget is a nuclear strike aimed at the Heart of America.

National Public Radio reported:

The House Intelligence Committee set the deadline in a letter to Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente last week in which it asked for proof of the claim, which Obama and others have said is baseless.

imageThe deadline is today, March 13, 2017.

Instead of looking at President Obama, the House should be investigating Donald Trump’s sanity.

Senator John McCain told CNN this past Sunday:

I think the president has one of two choices: either retract or … provide the information that the American people deserve

Will the evidence be forthcoming? What do you think?


Well, the Administration is begging for more time, and the House Committee has given them until the 20th. Meanwhile, Trump’s disinformation secretary, Sean Spicer, is saying that Trump didn’t mean actual wiretapping when he used the word in quotation marks in his tweet. So exactly what does “wiretapping” mean? Spicer also suggested that Trump didn’t mean that Obama himself ordered the quote wiretaps unquote, when he said “Obama ordered.” Who was Trump referring to when he said “bad (or sick) guy”?



So March 20 came and went without any evidence. Republican chairman Nunes said that no evidence of wiretapping was found at Trump Tower. Nunes added “it’s possible that other surveillance activities were used against President Trump and his associates.” Well it’s possible that President Trump and his associates were agents of a foreign power. Anything’s possible.

Donald Trump is a liar at heart, and his die-hard supporters don’t seem to care.


As a result of Nunes’ collaboration with the White House, it appears that they have worked together to halt the House investigation into Russian intervention in the 2016 election and Trump’s role in it.

The House Intelligence Committee appears to be paralyzed amid indications that Republican chair Devin Nunes has been working on behalf of President Donald Trump to undermine its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Caroline Bankoff – New York Magazine

Nunes canceled two scheduled hearings of the House Intelligence Committee. Democratic member Jim Himes said:

I’m sorry to say, the chairman has ceased to be the chairman of an investigative committee and has been running interference for the Trump White House, cancelling hearings. … Effectively, what has happened is the committee’s oversight, the oversight of our national intelligence apparatus, has come to a halt because of this particular issue.