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Propaganda doesn’t come naturally to me. By nature, I want to be fair, perhaps to a fault. Someone I once worked for advised me: “never negotiate against yourself.”

I would very much like for the hashtag #MostDivisivePresidentEver to go viral in reference to Donald Trump. I came up with it myself, but it had appeared earlier on Twitter in reference to Barack Obama. I think the Obama usage was grossly unfair, and “most divisive ever” is just one more smear directed at Obama b\y those who hate him, and will degrade themselves by how lo\w they will go to lie and defame him. I have a point of view, but lying is out of bounds to promote it.

One might argue that Donald Trump is the most divisive president ever when judged over the first three weeks in office. Usually a president gets a “honeymoon,” but Donald Trump skipped that by appointing incompetents and cronies to key positions, and appointing people to head agencies that previously worked to destroy them gets people upset.

And of course the clincher, the travel ban. The ban was an abortion from the start because it was poorly drafted, and ineptly implemented. The text wasn’t released initially, and there was no guidance for those who were called to implement it. It caused confusion and dislocation across the world, and hurt innocent people. It may well be unconstitutional, but the courts will decide that.

Trump is going to have to continue in the same mode, however, to earn the #MostDivisivePresidentEver hashtag. He’s got strong competition from Abraham Lincoln (Civil War) and Lyndon Johnson (Vietnam).