How the birthers enabled a fascist dictatorship in America

Birthers didn’t start out to destroy American freedom and to turn it into an oppressive dictatorship. Because birtherism embraced a fantasy view of American history, one in which “liberty and justice for all” meant liberty and justice for only conservative white Christian native-born Americans.

True liberty scared the pants off birthers who cast about for a leader would save them from the ever-increasing majority of people who didn’t fit their demographic. Donald Trump was that leader, a man was willing to say anything the birthers wanted to hear, and double-down on it when he was criticized for its lack of truthfulness, wisdom, and even common decency.

The fractured Congress, which had long ago forgot how to govern, capitulated quickly to President Trump’s abrogation of treaties, cancellation of basic Constitutional rights for many (such as the internment camp for Muslims). Trump’s brown shirts bloodied any opposition from real American Patriots.

Birthers are some of the biggest whiners on the Internet. You will never see a birther taking responsibility for their own failures.

Case in point, the recent site failures at Birther Report. Even though this site is hosted by Google, they think that Obots are attacking it and that’s why a significant number of attempts to reach the site fail. Some think it’s a Google censorship project. Really, they just made a mistake with their DNS setting. Here’s the publisher of Birther Report whining about his site not working:

BR Whine

They’ll blame anything but their own incompetence.

And talking about whining, Birthers think that the mainstream media is censoring them. The media ignores them because their information doesn’t check out. Their claims fall apart under scrutiny. The basic premise is also a lie; birthers get lots of press coverage, just not favorable coverage. The birther movement succeeded in adding the word “birther” to the lexicon, but it connotes nut job conspiracy theorist. Ouch!

The worst may be a commenter named ramboike at Birther Report who whined about being called a whiner. 😳

Birthers may display the American flag, and they may say they are defending the Constitution of the United States, but this is a bald-faced lie. Birthers are a group of racists, xenophobes, right-wing bigots, conspiracy theorists, demagogues and weak-minded suckers. They wouldn’t know the Constitution if someone stuck it up their nose. They hate the free and egalitarian principles that America was founded on, inventing their own mean-spirited fantasy history of our great country’s beginnings.

What birthers desperately long for is a fascist state where only people like them can live.