2 comments on “Birther president pardons birther sheriff

  1. what a crock! Presidential pardons are routine. And the pardon is just what it means. You can not over-ride a pardon and it only pardons the crime he may have committed.

    No matter how much you hate the elections result, get over it.

  2. Jack, a pardon doesn’t “pardon the crime.” It removes the punishment. Do you know of any other example where a president has pardoned someone convicted of criminal contempt of court? If not, you don’t have any basis for calling this “routine.”

    According to USLegal.com, the pardon power of state governors does not include criminal contempt of court–just to point out how extreme what Trump did is.

    In fact a lower court ruled that the president does not have the power to pardon criminal contempt of court, but that was overturned by the Supreme Court in Ex parte Grossman, a case you might remember from the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.

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