Future History

How the birthers enabled a fascist dictatorship in America

Birthers didn’t start out to destroy American freedom and to turn it into an oppressive dictatorship. Because birtherism embraced a fantasy view of American history, one in which “liberty and justice for all” meant liberty and justice for only conservative white Christian native-born Americans.

True liberty scared the pants off birthers who cast about for a leader would save them from the ever-increasing majority of people who didn’t fit their demographic. Donald Trump was that leader, a man was willing to say anything the birthers wanted to hear, and double-down on it when he was criticized for its lack of truthfulness, wisdom, and even common decency.

The fractured Congress, which had long ago forgot how to govern, capitulated quickly to President Trump’s abrogation of treaties, cancellation of basic Constitutional rights for many (such as the internment camp for Muslims). Trump’s brown shirts bloodied any opposition from real American Patriots.